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PianoVisions certified installer of Wessell, Nickel & Gross actions

PianoVisions is a certified installer of composite actions made by Wessell, Nickel & Gross.

Mason & Hamlin is a renowned brand of very well build pianos in the United States.

The company has started a division of actions build from high-strength, low weight action components. The main advantage is a very low playing weight, not compromising the repetitions speed. The dynamic range in sound of the piano increases a lot. Especially the possibility to play very soft (pppp ;-)) is flabbergasting.

Jan-Gert Vink has followed a training at the factory from Mason & Hamlin in Haverhill USA in 2014 to become a certified installer of these modern actions.

The Bosendorfer Phoenix has been retro-fitted with a composite action consisting of carbon fibre hammer shanks and WNG repetitions, balance pins, front pins and capstans.


To see a list of certified companies:


Feel free to send an inquiry about retro-fitting in WNG action in your piano.

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